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Episode 1: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/04c7912dffab8f7a94ded3b5c6f1b77155b0ffb3.mp4
Episode 2: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/058ac29e200ae13a523965e1666281c667d36098.mp4
Episode 3: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/145836240edd4f332861da7132ef8ecd1aaaa11f.mp4
Episode 4: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/affb7810244eee9af67ec5eea3b927ea910b0619.mp4
Episode 5: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/b5087f9ab5e49676ddbe9d8ecf3cb1a7cdfbf856.mp4
Episode 6: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/ec4f2cfdb2ec1e49be9aac798785a6b6355ee50b.mp4
Episode 7: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/94/eaf730e80aaf41860d8051d2bda54eb0a7a28c38.mp4
Episode 8: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/97/cc248d7eac7e361fa3b18005e64ac3eef0e49f7d.mp4
Episode 9: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/101/90dafd83e955c394d7b034095b71dd80597ca20c.mp4
Episode 10: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/105/5ac84b69401e785d9eeec981ea703fa4a5b09ef6.mp4
Episode 11: https://viuly.io/uploads/videos/108/da382ce1e6e5055ce831ca8e80714446f8df005c.mp4




Episode 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4B9fA4Bwvk&t=5s
Episode 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYQSXQ1jNhg
Episode 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rFxXu8fPlMI
Episode 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQzNX3GcpU8
Episode 5: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJThqRxYTWw
Episode 6: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzwmGm5oSvw
Episode 7: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzFUlH2S3i8
Episode 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVDYJgbGbg4
Episode 9: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4XhHr2XLM4
Episode 10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iig4H9KnBFA



CLIP 1.1 – Illegale (Illegal)

Clip 1.2 – Svegli (Wake up)

From Giovanni’s ig: survivors on the late night bus # notothesweat # aboutlastnight

Luchini’s smugglers
L: So, where are we gonna see the football match?
M: I don’t know
G: Not at my place. Your father’s @Elia?
E: Yeah yeah
G: Cool
E: But did @Martino got it back?
M: No… Eva told me Federicona left
E: When is she coming back?
Martino: Sunday night maybe
G: Sucks
L: But the frog?
G: She added him on ig
E: Boss
L: But I didn’t get if you fucked her or not
Come on
Tell us!!!

Clip 1.3 – Pirulo (Thingy)

Clip 1.4 – Idiota (Idiot)

Luchini’s smugglers
E: Solved?
L: What?
E: [The weed]
M: I found out Sana took it so the cops wouldn’t find it
L: Ohhh, awesome
G: Sana Escobar
M: Yeah sure, laugh (as in, you won’t be laughing for long)
E: What do you mean?
M: I’m gonna explain in a bit
L: Ok, I’ll be there but a little bit later
G: Ok, me too

Marti: Jokes aside, can you give me the weed back tomorrow, please?
Sana: Sure. If you guys come to the radio meeting.
Marti: I don’t think my friends can. And I have to study, too.
Sana: No weed then
Marti: C’mon… I’ll pay you if you give it back
Sana: Bye.
Marti: Sana…

Silvia audio: Hey! Sana told me that you’re all gonna come to the radio meeting tomorrow. It makes me so happy! The classroom is on the 3rd floor near the staircase and come on-time, at 17.30, otherwise you won’t find any cake left! Kisses
Marti: Ok… See you tomorrow
Silvia: Tell other people!
Silvia: Maybe even upload an ig story ♥

Clip 1.5 – Radio Osvaldo

Luchini's smugglers
L: Guys, my dad gave me 70 euros worth of food stamps and they’re gonna expire tomorrow. Should we use them all at lunch?
E: Cool
G: Awesome, Luchi (Luca’s nickname)
Thai restaurant?
L: Why choose when you have 70 euros?
E: *emoji*
G: I love you
L: @Martino?
G: They’re currently quizzing him
E: And he’s not that bad either
G: I’m gonna say yes for him too

From Giovanni’s ig: Wraps’ battle @eliasantinii is winning with a 7-3 # afterallluchinoistheonepaying

E: @Gio look what you missed
G: Are you crazy, why are you drinking Peccio’s beers?
G: Luchino is a national hero
G: @Martino is he still alive
E: I’m only gonna say that he laid down on the ground before so he could do the snow angel move
G: Ohhh, but are you going out later? I’m almost done with my parents and I’m gonna join you
E: I don’t think Marti will
E: We still don’t know
E: I saw Eva’s ig story and I think there’s a party
G: I don’t know, bro
E: Come on, stop acting like that
G: I’m gonna call you later

Clip 2.1 – Superdotati (Excellent)

F: Did you survive the night?
M: Yeah yeah, what a fool I made of myself
M: Thank you a lot for last night, I mean it
F: No problem, you owe me at least two drinks though
M: Let’s make it one

Clip 2.2 – Mani in Pasta (Hands in everything)

Clip 2.3 – Niccolò

E: Here’s my number
E: You got no excuse now
M: Ok
E: Don’t add me as “Frog”
M: I need to change it then
E: What are you doing? I’m horny (eccitata can mean both horny and excited rip)
E: Sorry, the Argentinian wrote it
E: Not me, she’s a dumbass
M: :)

Clip 2.4 – Concerti (Concert)

Clip 2.5 – Tabasco
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Clip 3.1 – Punizione (Punishment)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


From Martino's IG: Guys, let’s take a pic. Maybe try to act a little less annoyed?

Clip 3.2 – Eterosessuale (Heterosexual)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Clip 3.3 – Verrai con Me (You'll come with me)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Clip 3.4 – Argentina
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Luchini's smugglers
E: Give us the video
L: [video]
G: Where’s the Argentinian?
L: [picture]
G: It’s all blurry, bro
M: You climbed for this shit?
L: We were too far
E: Just know that we’re gonna put you into that trolley again
M: Aaaahhhh
G: But with a lock this time
L: You’re so ungrateful

E: Are we going together tomorrow?
M: Who knows
E: You really don’t want me to forgive you, uh?
M: Try to understand
M: It’s not that easy to accept the idea of hanging out with an amphibious
animal (a frog)
E: Ah ah
E: You know, I actually figured out who your lookalike is
M: Don’t say Ron Weasley
E: Ahhhh no, it’s him
E: [Elio Germano’s picture]
M: He’s not!
M: Oh, yeah, Elio ♥

Luchini's smugglers
L: What are we doing tonight?
G: I’m gonna be busy with street(dance) for a little bit more, but I can do something later
E: I’ll join Peccio and his friends at Trilussa’s square
G: Ok
E: @Martino are you really going to Silvia’s karaoke?
M: Please don’t say anything…
L: What if we go there too?
G: Are you insane?
L: I was kidding
E: Yeah sure
M: Lulvia [ship name for Luca/Silvia]
L: Aahhhh
G: Come on, join us later
M: I’m gonna text you later

Clip 3.5 – Ammucchiate (Gathering)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


E: Are you awake?
E: I liked being with you ♥♥♥
M: Sorry, I just read that, I fell asleep as soon as I got home
E: Don’t worry
M: Did you go to Testaccio(’s cafè)?
E: Maddi (short for Maddalena) and I did. Nico went home
E: We had like 3 shots in a row together
M: Cool
E: Yeah, I adore her ♥

Clip 4.1 – P.S.

Clip 4.2 – Bastardata (Bastard)

S: Can you send me your piece on Marie Curie?
M: I’m almost done. I even managed to go ahead with the others too
S: That’s what you said about Ipazia
M: I swear
S: Send me a pic
M: No
S: I asked around and apparently [your weed] belongs to damp trash
M: …
S: That’s from Wikipedia
M: So?
S: So if I wanted to copy and paste Wikipedia, I would have done it on my own
M: Grrr

Clip 4.3 – Evoluzione (Evolution)

N: Apparently, they told me we’re gonna see each other tomorrow night
M: Yeah, but where are we going before the party?
N: I don’t know. Mad organised everything, but I’m gonna tell you in a bit
M: Ooooh got it :)
N: They’re telling me that we’re gonna get some drinks somewhere near my place and the address is the one that you just got
M: Ok, I read that. Cool
N: The party planners want to know if you’re gonna come at my place first so we can fix the costume
M: I don’t think I’m gonna dress up to be honest
N: I don’t think it’s possible
M: Ahahahahah… Then I’ll see if I have something at home
N: Definitely
M: What are you gonna dress up as?
N: You’re gonna see it tomorrow. I gotta run
M: Ok!

Clip 4.4 – Halloween

Where are you?
Are you smoking outside?
Can you take your phone and answer me?
I can’t believe this
What the fuck is your problem?
I’m truly speechless

Clip 5.1 – Nel Mio Letto (In my bed)

Clip 5.2 – Seguimi (Follow me)

Thank you for the notes and for everything else you did <3, but you could have woken me up! How are you?

Hi, are you dead?
How is it going in Umbria?
Is it ok if I call you later?

Clip 5.3 – Ce Ne Siamo Accorti (We are aware of it)

Luchini’s smugglers
M: Guys
I feel like shit
Can we do something this weekend too?
E: Yeah, my dad won’t be home on Friday
M: I’ll be there
E: Ok
M: @Luca sorry again
L: Don’t worry
M: To make up for it: pizzas and fruttini from that place run by those from Abruzzo, my treat
G: Nice
L: Forgiven!

Niccolò: Secret meeting in the bathroom on the first floor? At 11.30?
Martino: Ok

Clip 5.4 – Pausa (Pause)

Luchini’s smugglers
E: Guys, I want your feedback
[Emma/Argentina’s picture]
L: Oh god… do you think they’re lesbians?
G: I don’t think so, but you should ask @Martino
M: Nah, don’t think so…
L: Where did you get that?
E: I pretended to be a girl and I created a fake ig profile and she accepted my request
G: Genius
L: Send some more!
E: Coming
[Argentina’s picture]
G: Oh god, now I want to die
M: Ahahahahahahah
M: Guys, you’re totally crazy btw
E: You mean us?

Clip 5.5 – Pride

Clip 5.6 – Quante Cazzate (How much crap)


Clip 6.1 – Assenze (Absences)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


S: I saw you in the hallway today
M: Yeah yeah, I came back
I’m gonna be there on Wednesday
S: As long as you won’t give me the flu
M: I’m not sick anymore, don’t worry
S: I don’t trust you at all
I’m gonna come to the radio meeting like this
M: Ahh

Clip 6.2 – Quando Parlo (When I speak)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Clip 6.3 – Di Nuovo (Again)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


Clip 6.4 – Lei è lo Psicologo? (Are you the psychologist?)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


S: Are you alive?
Did you check the radio group chat?
We’re gonna have sushi with the team tomorrow, in Trastevere
Will you come? Please, please
By the way: Emma won’t come, uh?
M: Why are you telling me that?
S: They told me you broke up
M: We weren’t a thing
S: Ok… but she won’t come
M: I’m gonna let you know if I can
S: :* :*

Clip 6.5 – Effettivamente (Actually)
(Gibt's nicht bei Youtube)


M: I found your post-it notes in my backpack… but when did you put them there???
M: It’s impossible to figure you out, Ni

M: Hey
F: Hey you
M: What are you doing today?
F: What I always do on Sundays: I’m gonna dress up as a drag queen…
M: Ah ah. Come on, seriously
M: Can we meet?
F: I’m a little busy
M: I just wanted to apologise
F: I know
M: I’m sorry
F: I know
M: Then why don’t you want to see me
F: Because I have an exam this week
M: Ok…

Clip 7.1 – Era per Lui (It was for him)

G: Should we go to my lake house this weekend?
M: Nice
G: I’m gonna say it to the others as well
M: Mmm
G: You don’t want me to?
M: Did you tell them something?
G: Of course not
M: Do you think I should tell them?
G: I think so…
Don’t stress over it
You like Niccolò. End of the story
M: Are you sure?
G: I’m sure

Clip 7.2 – Ti Fidi di Me, Rose? (Do you trust me, Rose?)

Filippo: Even though I had to wash half the sheets again today, I am happy that you visited me yesterday. It hurts me to see you this way and I’m sorry I didn’t have a good answer to your questions. I don’t know what Niccolò will do. But I’ll tell you what I do know: Niccolò is only the first of many awesome guys that you’ll meet in your life. Trust me. What you need to do is keep close the people that make you feel good. And far away those who make you feel unloved. So if N continues being a dick, we will go out one evening and I will find you someone else to fall in love with! I can also lend you some flowered shirts if you want (I’m kidding) [about the shirt I mean, I am serious about the rest] {yes, I am studying for Maths 2, can’t you tell?}
Martino: hahahahaha thank you Filo, love you
F: So say it
M: What?
F: You know what
M: I trust you
F: Jack
M: Jack I trust you 😒
F: 😻
M: 😂

Clip 7.3 – Pace (Peace)

Clip 7.4 – Antidoto (Antidote)

Gio: Elia did you manage to reschedule?
Elia: No. I’ll see you straight at the buses
Luca: Any excuse to save up
Elia: I’ll give you the money
Gio: At least bring some wine. I found out I only have one bottle
Luca: I’ll care about that. I have some left from my birthday
Elia: I know what to bring 😈
Gio: Don’t bring Galvani’s, she sucks
Elia: She got better. You’ll see
Martino: 🙌

E: Here it is. Finally.
[video where they’re trying to make Luca fit into the suitcase - basically nonsense because they say that they should take his shoes off and Luca says that the suitcase he had in Greece was bigger]
G: I can’t believe you’ve found it! 😂😂😂
M: Ahahahahahah but it’s a masterpiece, I’m dying! 😆😆😆😆😆😆
L: Who gave you that?
E: Galvani’s friend
M: How the fuck did you manage to fit in there? It was way smaller than the one you had in Greece!
G: Yeah and it wouldn’t close
M: And no one was paying attention to you!
L: Thank god…
E: We’re always gonna blackmail you with this, you know that, right?
L: Asshole!
G: @Elia where are you?
E: Subway. I’m gonna be at Termini’s station in 15 minutes
G: We’re gonna wait for you near the bus, hurry up
E: I’m coming

Clip 7.5 – Sto a Bracciano (I'm in Bracciano)

From Giovanni’s ig: It’s like we’re in Siberia, but Luchino doesn’t even care and that’s why we love him. # loco # gangsta

From Giovanni’s ig: Fra Martino* is not exactly doing well though. 😂

[*pun: Fra Martino Campanaro is a song and it’s our version of the French “Frère Jacques” and the English “Are you sleeping, Brother John?”]

Clip 7.6 – Due Ore (Two hours)

Clip 8.1 – Patatine e Marmellata (Chips and jam)

E: @Luca you really got a fever then 😂
L: No guys
L: My antibodies are way too strong and it shows
L: I just skipped school 😁
M: Will you join us at gio’s?
L: No, I made my mum believe that I have otitis. I need to stay in my bed
G: But why the otitis???
L: I don’t know… it was random…
G: But you’re stupid. She’ll bring you to the doctor with an otitis and she’ll find out that you don’t have shit
L: You think so?
G: I think so
L: Tonsillitis?
E: 😖
M: Come to school tomorrow and get that 4
L: Never
E: I give up
M: Me too
G: Same
L: Labyrinthitis?
L: No… ?

Clip 8.2 – Link

From Silvia’s ig: @martino.rametta and @sana.allagui00 are gonna be waiting for you in a little bit with a new episode of Women who changed the world. only on Radio Osvaldo

M: I told my father that you’re gonna come with me to dinner at his place next week
N: Really?
M: Yeah. Will you come?
N: Obviously!
M: You have to know that Paola and her son are gonna be there too…
N: We’re gonna make some noise then
M: Stupid. Can we meet?
N: I wish. I’m at a super boring study group, but we can go at my place after school tomorrow if you want
M: Ok! But I have to study tomorrow, you better know that
N: We’ll see
M: I’m not gonna come otherwise!
N: Should we bet? ;)
M: <3 <3
N: <3

Why bother having IG when you can talk to your imaginary friends? Any refereNce is purely coincidental

Clip 8.3 – Mia Mamma (My Mom)

N: Sorry again about before
M: Don’t worry! I understood the situation
N: I can’t stand her lately
M: I know how you feel :)
N: I want to sleep with you
M: So do I <3
N: What should we do?
M: My mum won’t be here next week and you can basically move in here ;)
N: Next week is super far!
M: You’re so hard to please :)

F: That N (on the ig post) is who i think it is??😈😈
M: Napoleon?
F: ahh i’m happy (for you)
M: me too😇
F: i’ll be your best man, right?
M: we’ll see..
F: we’ll see??
M: 😏 thank you though for your advices. You were the only person i could actually talk to at the time
F: and now that you don’t need me anymore you kust ignore me huh
M: of course not! Let’s meet in the weekend
F: okay. I can help you choose the ring
M: 😂 you’re crazy

N: *My lovely Elio <3 are you already at school?
M: Almost. I’m on the bus.
N: Wait for me before you get upstairs!
M: Ok! <3 <3 <3

[*literally: Elio of my heart]

Clip 8.4 – Hai Mai Visto il Bar di Wes Anderson? (Have you seen Wes Anderson's Bar?)

Clip 8.5 – Tu Non Sei di Milano (You're not from Milan)

F: Cocktail tonight? You’ll introduce me to N???
M: Not today! We’re here
F: Romantic getaway in Milan?
M: Yes!!!
F: So cool! ♥♥
I’m in a club and I just saw your calls. Is everything okay?
M: No. A mess happened. I’m freaking out
F: Wait, I’m gonna go outside and I’ll call you as soon as I can
M: Thank you
F: Honey, I’m sorry, but you have to keep calm right now. Call me all the times you want. I’m gonna leave my phone on. Let me know how it goes

Clip 9.1 – Il Treno delle Nove (The 9 a.m. train)

Clip 9.2 – Vediamo (We'll see))

M: Hey
I just wanted to tell you that I don’t feel well and that I don’t think I’m gonna come to school tomorrow
So I don’t think I’ll be at the Radio
S: I want you to give me a medical certificate the next time ok? 😏
M: I can send you what I have on Joan of Arc if you want
S: Chill, don’t worry
I got this
M: Thank you
S: No problem. But what’s wrong?

Clip 9.3 – Namacissi

From Martino’s ig: 1 brain cell in 2 🤪

Clip 9.4 – Io Sto Bene (I'm fine)

I tried calling you. I wanted to know how you’re doing. Bye.

G: Did he answer?
M: Nein
G: Go to him
M: If he had wanted to talk to me, then he would have answered
G: Maybe he’s ashamed after what happened to him
M: I don’t know
G: Will you come to the movies tonight?
M: I wish… I have a dinner at my dad’s
G: So boring. If you want to come after that, text us
M: Ok. But do you think I should bring a gift to that woman’s son?
G: Maybe you should…
M: My mum already left without leaving me shit
G: Then maybe not!
M: Ahhhh talk to you later
G: Cool

Clip 9.5 – La Grotta (The Cave)

Clip 10.1 – Martino e Niccolò

G: So???
[Martino’s ig story]
M: You caught us 😏
E: 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 yeeessss!
L: You got back together???
E: No, but they like to brush their teeth together
M: 😂
L: Fuck you
G: You need to tell us everything!
M: I will. Later. I have to take Nico home now
L: Come on!
M: Rome-Genoa at my place tonight? My mum is coming back tomorrow
E: Nice
M: So I can tell you
G: Super nice
M: For now, I can only tell you that I owe Chicco Rodi everything
E: ???
M: [link to the video he saw on the bus on Friday night]
G: Ohhh so you can still find it?
M: It’s not on the list, you need a link for it 😎
E: Genius
L: But you were inside the school at night?
M: I’m gonna tell you everything later! 8pm. My place.
L: Cool

Clip 10.2 – Le Circostanze (Circumstances)

Clip 10.3 – Si Vede (It shows)

Clip 10.4 – Classifica (Classification)

From Giovanni's ig: God, make it snow and close schools earlier 🙏❄☃

From Martino’s ig story: Do we have enough alcohol?

Clip 10.5 – Sono Io (That's me)


Alle Remakes + das Original mit engl. Untertiteln: https://sites.google.com/view/skamsubs/homepage
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